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The Collide Podcast

We're so thrilled you stopped by to check out a few episodes. Our aim is to serve women with content that is encouraging, engaging and reflective of Jesus' love for them. If you want to connect with us in other ways, feel free to find us on instagram at @we.collide or head over to our website at We love to make new friends!

Nov 25, 2020

Beka Overby is a worship pastor, wife, and mama to two young boys. The Overby Family lives in SE Portland. Beka is passionate about adoption education and reform and is actively involved in ongoing adoption conversations and the creation of safe spaces for birth mothers to find support, healing and quality long term care. Her own story of ongoing healing and restoration is the driving force behind her advocacy. In this episode Beka vulnerably shares her story of cultivating a grateful spirit, even amidst immense pain and hardship.