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The Collide Podcast

We're so thrilled you stopped by to check out a few episodes. Our aim is to serve women with content that is encouraging, engaging and reflective of Jesus' love for them. If you want to connect with us in other ways, feel free to find us on instagram at @we.collide or head over to our website at We love to make new friends!

Apr 20, 2022

Hop on this episode where Willow interviews Cynthia Cavanaugh, an award winning author, speaker and podcast host for the Soul Anchor podcast. Cynthia holds an MA in leadership and has won awards for her various books. She challenges us to lean intentionality into our influence and legacy. You will love how her family talks about the 4 quarters of life and the importance of building now what will last forever. She lays out her wisdom around decision making for lasting legacy, the myths around why our influence is held captive and what we should keep at the bottom of our boat in case of a storm. Don't miss out on this listen!

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Connect with Cynthia Cavanaugh on her website:

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Book: Godly Kings of Judah by Cynthia Cavanaugh

Free Resource: Overcoming the Lies You Believe About Yourself: An Exercise to Replace Lies with Truth

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