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The Collide Podcast

We're so thrilled you stopped by to check out a few episodes. Our aim is to serve women with content that is encouraging, engaging and reflective of Jesus' love for them. If you want to connect with us in other ways, feel free to find us on instagram at @we.collide or head over to our website at We love to make new friends!

Mar 11, 2020

The definition of the word perfectionism is: a disposition to regard anything short of perfection as unacceptable. How many of us feel this way? We deem our bodies, our jobs, and even our families sometimes as unacceptable because they fall inevitably short of perfect. That’s why we’ve invited local counselors Breeze Potts and Kellie Furlan to join us on The We Collide Podcast for an authentic conversation on how to resist the temptation to chase perfectionism.