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The Collide Podcast

We're so thrilled you stopped by to check out a few episodes. Our aim is to serve women with content that is encouraging, engaging and reflective of Jesus' love for them. If you want to connect with us in other ways, feel free to find us on instagram at @we.collide or head over to our website at We love to make new friends!

Oct 31, 2018

In this episode, Collide’s founder and director Willow Weston shares the message on her heart that derives from John chapter 6, where a small boy offers exactly what he has and Jesus uses it to do something incredible.

For every “Not me” we tell God, He responds with “Yes, you.”

Yes, you have gifts and talents.

Yes, you are worthy and redeemed.

Yes, you have something to offer the world.

Yes, He plans to use you to build the kingdom.